The Holistic Philosophy of Eunice Marais School of Dance (EMSD)

The studio and its staff aim to educate the mind, body and soul of all students, to teach them dance as well as life skills which will equip them to deal with challenges within and outside of  the dance studio.

  • We aim to instil a passion for dance whilst building self-esteem and confidence in every dancer.
  • We aim to provide the proper (and most up to date) technique to all students, regardless of the level in which they participate, so that dancers can reach their full potential.
  • We strive to provide a welcoming family environment where dancers support and care for one another.

Quality Dance Education:

The quality of tuition provided by EMSD is one of the greatest assets of the studio-this is channelled through world class choreography and a solid SABOD syllabus foundation.

At EMSD we focus on the following:

Knowledge: Of the Syllabus, the history of dance, a study of choreographers and terminology.

Skills: In a variety of styles of dance genres. (Including agility and acrobatics)

Attitudes and Values: Respect, Self-discipline, teamwork, commitment, punctuality.

Our Motto: “Exposure to Experience”

This is the key factor to our continuing success both locally and internationally.

The Vision of EMSD:

Through artistic collaborations and community partnerships the Eunice Marais School of Dance strives to create meaningful opportunities for all dancers, in a caring friendly environment.