Fees per Term
Fees per Annum
Step Up
R 665
R 2660
Jump In
R 665
R 2660
Level 1
R 730
R 2920
Level 2
R 775
R 3100
Level 3
R 3400
Level 4
R 865
R 3460
Level 5
R 930
R 3720
Level 6
R 970
R 3880
Level 7
R 4000
Level 8
R 4280
Level 9
R 4360
Level 10
R 4560
Level 11
R 4800
Level 12
R 5080
High Performance classes
R 770
R 3080
Weekend Training
R 770
R 2310
Term 1, 2 & 3 only
Fees per Term
Fees per Annum
Creative Movement
R 615
R 2460
Tiny Tots
R 665
R 2660
Grade 1
R 790
R 3160
Grade 2
R 850
R 3400
Grade 3
R 865
R 3460
Grade 4
Grade 5
R 930
R 3720
Grade 6
R 1000
R 4000
Grade 7
R 1025
R 4100
Grade 8
R 1070
R 4280
Grade 9
R 1140
R 4560
Grade 10
R 1200
R 4800
Grade 11
R 1330
R 5320
Grade 12 (Teachers level 1)
R 1870
R 7480
Fees Include all theory lessons and attendance of Creative- Grade 4
Pre-Associate (Teachers Level 2)
R 2130
R 8520
Fees Include all theory lessons and attendance of Grade 5-8
Associate (Final Teachers exam)
R 12 232
Fees Include all theory lessons and attendance Grade 9,10,11 & 12)
STUDIO Registration fee: R200 per dancer payable by 31 January
If there is more than one dancer per family then the registration fee is R150 per child
Enrichment classes: (Tap, Musical Theatre, Stretching, and Pilates) the fee will be dependent on the number of dancers who enrol for these classes. (We will commence in February and there will be a discount for TERM 1)
Additional fee for dancer who are competing:
A choreography fee is due to the person CHOREOGRAPHING your solo, duo, small group or formation. This fee varies from choreographer to choreographer. This will always be discussed with parents, before you sign up for these extra classes.
Our internal choreography rates are as follows:
Solos: R250 per hour
Duo: R180 each per hour
Small Group: R350 per hour divided by the number of dancers in the group
This fee will differ for external choreographers.
Dancers, who have had choreography done by our international choreographers, will come to me for training on WEEKENDS- the rate for this additional training is R770 per term. (Usually about 4 hours every Saturday) This is ONLY for TERM 1, 2 and 3 .
EMSD Packages:
If the annual fee is paid in full by 28 February and 10% discount is applicable. (please apply for this in writing)
If a dancer is registered for Modern & Hip Hop as well as High Performance (HP) and /or Weekend training then a 10% discount is applicable on the HP and/or weekend training fee
EXAMPLE: If a dancer does all 4 of the above then the total annual discount will be R616 .
All discounts must be applied for in writing- addressed for the attention of E Marais. Applications will then be sent to StudentPlus who administers our accounts.


HIP HOP (Names in brackets are the “old names” for the levels)

Genre: HIP HOP Term fees Fees per annum Comments/DISCOUNTS
Step Up R605 R2420  
Jump In R605 R2420  
Level 1 (Red Remix) R665 R2460
Level 2 (Pre Level 1) R705 R2900
Level 3 (Level 1) R770 R3080
Level 4 (Nu Blu) R785 R3140
Level 5 (Bronze) R845 R3380
Level 6 (Level 2) R880 R3520
Level 7 (Silver) R910 R3640
Level 8 (Level 3) R970 R3880
Level 9 (gold) R990 R3960
Level 10 (level 4) R1035 R4140
Level 11 (Level 5) R1090 R4360
Level 12 (Level 6) R1155 R4620
High Performance classes (Open) R770 R3080
WTC Team (Miha Choreography)  extra lessons on weekends R770 R2310 THREE TERMS ONLY
Corporate classes As per the rates of the various choreographers    
GENRE: MODERN Term Fees Fees per Annum Comments/DISCOUNTS
Creative Movement R560 R2240  
Tiny Tots R605 R2420  
Grade 1 R725 R2900  
Grade 2 R770 R3080  
Grade 3 R755 R3140  
Grade 4 R815 R3260  
Grade 5 R845 R3380  
Grade 6 R910 R3640  
Grade 7 R935 R3740  
Grade 8 R970 R3880  
Grade 9 R1035 R4140  
Grade 10 R1090 R4360  
Grade 11 R1210 R4840  
Grade 12 R1700 R6800 Includes all theory lessons
Pre-Associate R1935 R7740 Includes all theory lessons
Associate (Teachers exam) R2780 R11 120 Includes all theory lessons

(Grade 9,10,11 & 12)

Contemporary PER LESSON – directly to Lorcia  

Annual Studio Registration R200 (per dancer) or R150 per dancer if more than one dancer per family

SABOD Registration: payable when entering competitions /exams: To be advised after 2018 AGM

Banking Details: Eunice Marais School of Dance (Pty) Ltd.

Standard Bank Centurion

Branch Code:  051001

Account number: 013573446

Fees payable within first two weeks of the term to avoid interest being added

Very important: Email proof of payment: eunice_marais@telkomsa.net

Reference: Childs name/TUITION