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Dear Dancers and Parents

Welcome back to our third term of dancing this year. Our ‘projects’ for this term are:

  • Polishing & perfecting our exam/medal test work
  • Rehearsals for our annual SHOW


Dates & times for EXTRA rehearsals will be sent shortly

EVERY DANCER in the studio is encouraged to do either an EXAM or a MEDAL TEST or BOTH

And we would LOVE ALL our dancers to participate in our annual show.

  • WELL DONE: To the 48 dancers who attend the Grahamstown Festival this past holiday…. You did the studio proud. Our production : “He lives in you” is a celebration of our 20 years of democracy and the legacy that Madiba left us. See Comment below, by well-known photographer & parent, Peter Morey: “ WOW WOW WOW, FANTASTIC SHOW AND BIG THUMBS UP TO ALL THE DANCERS FROM EMSD CURRENTLY PERFORMING AT THE GRAHAMSTOWN FESTIVAL. WELL DONE AND THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORD, IT REALLY IS A BRILLIANT SHOW AND YOU THRILLED THE AUDIENCE WITH YOUR SUPERB DANCE SKILLS”
  • Well done to the 9 dancers who spent 14 hours on set, as extras in a commercial for the new AUDI 🙂

Please note: There is a Science Expo in the hall this week- so all classes are in Room T5… All SENIOR (high School) classes & High Performance classes, will be at the Irene Middle School Church

SHOW DATE:   29 November


Please inform me ASAP if your child is NOT doing the show, as we have already started with rehearsals & costumes will soon need to be made/purchased (WE PROMISE TO KEEP THIS COST LOW!)

HAVE A WONDERFUL TERM- so excited to work with all my FABULOUS DANCERS this term.

TERM FEES: Banking Details: E Marais

Standard Bank Brooklyn

Branch Code: 011-245

Account number: 012977632

Please check the blog regularly: https://emschoolofdance.wordpress.com

Regards Eunice (0827846349)


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